All About Furniture

We humans take common things for granted and never bother to think about the manufacturing process of stuffs that make our life comfortable. For example, take the humble wooden bed, the sofa, the cupboard, or even the steel almirah and the filing cabinet. We purchase wooden or steel furniture from offline or online stores but have no idea of the steps that go behind manufacturing them. Wooden furniture starts its journey as wooden planks of various dimensions and types of wood, which the carpenter cuts using a motor driven saw into different sizes depending on the stuff he is making, and finally joins all of them together to form the final structure. Once completed, the carpenter applies a coat of varnish on them to give the furniture a glossy look.

Laser-Cutting steel

laser cutting steel is another method, however, this practise is losing trend with an increase in demand for coloured furniture.

More information on laser cutting steel

In such a case, the furniture maker applies a couple of coats of paint using a spray gun. Once ready, he or she packs the furniture in such a manner to prevent it from damages during transportation and sends it to the store selling them. However, the procedure is very different in the case of metal furniture. Here the furniture maker employs a different strategy. He or she cuts sheets of iron or steel using a special laser (light amplification through simulation of radiation) gun that emits a concentrated beam of extremely hot red coloured light that cuts through sheets of iron and steel quickly and precisely. Once cut, the furniture maker assembles the different pieces together and welds them using the spot welding or other welding processes. Once complete she or he applies the lock, handle, spray paints the furniture, and places them in a curing chamber in which he/she exposes the furniture to high temperatures to dry the paint. Certain paints assume their special design (like hammer finished look) only when exposed to a high temperature. The manufacturer packs the finished good in a protective box and transports it to the store selling them. You might think that this process is quite simple but it is extremely complicated. The maker requires extreme skills, gained through years of working as a carpenter apprentice, learning about metal and woodwork in order to be able to manufacture eye-catching furniture.

What is furniture?

A furniture is a wooden or steel good that we use to make our lives comfortable as well as for storing goods.

How is furniture made?

A person skilled in working with wood or metal works with wooden planks or metal sheets and puts them through different processes to make the furniture.

What types of furniture are there?

There are many types of furniture such as chairs, tables (this includes various types of tables such as dining table, computer table, and much more), beds, cabinets, almirahs, sofas, and so forth.

What are the most popular types of furniture?

Cabinets, beds, chairs, tables, cabinets, and sofas are among the most popular types of furniture. People use them for different purposes. The benefits of owning furniture are that they make life easy. Try to store your clothes on the table or your important documents on your bed and you will understand what I mean.