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Whether you are looking at duplexes or massive apartment complexes, investing in 多户家庭 units is entirely different from investing in 单户住宅.

11月21日,福斯特·斯威夫特(Foster Swift)商业& Corporate attorney 约翰·马什尼 坐下 for a discussion 与 other business professionals on Business Rap, a weekly radio show and 密歇根州中部最聪明的企业主和决策者的播客,讨论了影响雇主和企业主的商业趋势,挑战和政治。

还有更多 tenants involved, there 显然风险更大 that exists with multi-family units. One important risk is running afoul of securities laws. For example, a loan may be considered a security if the debtor has an expectation of a return 与out performing any work.

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John brings a unique perspective to Foster Swift 与 his practical experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and manager.  他专注于商业,税收,知识产权和娱乐领域。


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