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医院It’s not uncommon for “covered entities”例如医院和卫生系统违反了1996年《健康保险携带与保护法》(“HIPAA”)。笔记本电脑失窃或文件放错位置可能会暴露应该受到保护的信息。但是,很少有电视节目摄制引起违规。但是那’这正是纽约长老会医院(“NYP”),该机构最近与民权办公室卫生与公共服务部(“OCR”) for $2.2 million.

纽约市 allowed “NY Med,” an ABC television series, to film on-site without first obtaining patient authorization. 光学字符识别 explained in a news release that 纽约市 allowed the show to film someone who was dying and another in distress, even after being asked to stop by a medical professional. 光学字符识别 characterized the disclosures as “egregious”并指出通过透露病人’ protected health information (PHI), 纽约市’s actions “公然违反了HIPAA规则。”

光学字符识别 also found that 纽约市 failed to safeguard PHI by allowing the film crew “virtually unfettered” access to its facility. In addition to the $2.2 million payment, as part of the settlement 光学字符识别 will monitor 纽约市 for two years to help ensure 纽约市 remains compliant with its HIPAA obligations.

This settlement is an important reminder to HIPAA 涵盖实体 and their business associates regarding the proper care and safeguarding of PHI. Certainly 涵盖实体 should think twice about allowing film crews into their facilities. If they do, the environments in which they film must be tightly controlled. As a starting point, 涵盖实体 should carefully review the 常见问题表 issued by 光学字符识别 解决涉及媒体访问PHI的情况。

To avoid investigations, fines and other negative consequences, it is critical for 涵盖实体 to ensure their policies and procedures are in compliance with HIPAA’s requirement.

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