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Employee or Independent Contractor? 优步 Wages Battles to Answer Critical Question for On-Demand Economy Companies 和 Their Workers

员工还是独立承包商?它’这是许多企业都在努力解决的一个问题,答案具有重大的法律和财务意义。雇员与独立承包商的分类对于许多人而言正变得越来越重要“on demand” technology companies such as 优步 doing business in the fast growing “gig” or “sharing” economy.

优步 has been involved in a number of legal battles being waged over its practice of classifying its drivers as independent contractors, rather than employees. 加利福尼亚州 has been a hotspot for litigation. 


The ruling only binds this specific driver, 和 优步 has appealed. Yet, the case has broader implications. It could bolster 和 encourage class-action lawsuits in 加利福尼亚州 和 beyond. And individuals may bring more complaints seeking reimbursement for expenses they would be entitled to as an employee. 时间 recently reported on a case brought by another former 优步 driver in 加利福尼亚州 in July, in which the driver seeks payment for approximately $15,000 in expenses. This case, too, hinges on the driver’归类为雇员或独立承包商。

优步’s argument against employee status is that it merely operates a software application that connects drivers 和 passengers, 和 that it has no control over the hours its drivers work 和 whether they choose to work for other companies. Should it lose this fight (which is being fought state-by-state), the consequences for 优步 - 和 companies like it such as Lyft, 格鲁布因斯塔卡特 -会很严重的。将需要按照州工资和小时法向司机付钱,补偿他们在工作中必然发生的费用(例如,燃料,里程),补偿他们的小费,预扣和缴税,并向非豁免雇员支付加班费。 。与独立承包商相反,员工也有资格获得失业补偿和工人’薪酬与福利。

而个别的加州劳工专员’Office的裁决很重要,真正的行动是针对Uber和其他按需公司提起的集体诉讼。 9月1日,美国地方法院法官爱德华·陈(Edward Chen)裁定,加利福尼亚州的Uber驾驶员可以加入向公司寻求里程和小费报销的案件,这是Uber的一项上诉。此案和其他类似案件有可能颠覆按需经济’基本的商业模式。

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