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山姆·弗雷德里克 and Foster Swift的两位律师John Mashni将于2015年9月15日(星期二)在兰辛地区会议厅会议室举行有关如何保护企业知识产权的实时网络研讨会。网络研讨会将于上午8点至上午9:30举行。

They will discuss copyright, trademark 和 trade secret basics 和 the importance of monitoring 和 enforcing your intellectual property rights. Frederick 和 Mashni will also present the best practices 保护您的知识产权。

For more information 和 to register for the webinar, click here (We have identified that the following link is no longer active, 和 it has been removed.)

分类: 知识产权, 专利权, 商业机密, 商标

John brings a unique perspective to Foster Swift with his practical experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, 和 manager.  He focuses in the areas of business, tax, intellectual property 和 entertainment.


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