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A Super Cute Tory Burch Diaper Bag

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Apart from being functional, a diaper bag can look super cute as well. Stylish moms like to have a fashionable bag that does not scream a diaper bag. There are many options available. One of them is a Tory Burch diaper bag. Recently, Tory Burch released some new totes to her line where you can find in stores or order online.

tory burch deep berry burgundy red diaper bag a super cute tory burch diaper bag

One of the best-selling bags by Tory Burch is the new Perry tote. This bag is favorable because it has ‘bark’ color, a kind of tan shade that matches just any outfits. The bag is available in other colors like baby blue, black, light oak, and navy. All of them are gorgeous that make every mom looks chic and younger.

tory burch dena nylon blue diaper bag a super cute tory burch diaper bag

The Perry bag is known to be large and spacious allowing you to put many baby essentials in the bag plus your personal belongings. When you are not with the baby, you can still use the bag for hanging out, going to a party, or even go to an office. You can put a 12 inches laptop and there is still extra space for other stuff.

tory burch travel nylon new diaper bag a super cute tory burch diaper bag

However, the bag does not have a zip or closure. The absence of this feature can make the contents unsafe. On the other side, it allows you to reach and grab something quickly especially when you are in a hectic situation and it is very helpful.

If you prefer bright color to neutral color, go for the Tory Burch York tote instead of the Perry tote. It has a fabulous pink color. Besides the different color, they are made of different types of leather. The pink bag is made of saffiano leather while the tan bag is made of pebbled leather. Saffiano leather is more durable and easier to clean. That is why the York feels firmer and sturdier.

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