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Affordable Ikea Toddler Bed

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The time when your little baby moves out of their crib is definitely a big day. It’s the time when you welcome him or her a toddler’s life. As the crib no longer can be used, you need to buy a toddler or children bed to start the next stage of life. When buying furniture for kids, quality and safety must be put in mind. Think about a toddlers beds Ikea. Ikea is known to be one of the largest furniture companies in the world that provide a great selection of ready-to-assemble furniture, including toddler beds in wonderful designs.

ikea mydal bunk bed frame made of solid wood affordable ikea toddler bed ikea junior loft bed twin over full bunk bed ikea single loft bed ikea mydal bunk bed hack

Ikea offers a wide range of bed styles that are perfect for toddlers. All of them have fun and colorful designs. Your kids will surely love the beds very much. You can opt for beds with extendable designs meaning that the beds grow together with the kid.

ikea hensvik bedroom design with cabinet and shelf unit affordable ikea toddler bed hensvik ikea shelf

One of the popular Ikea children’s beds is KURA bed. You can turn the bed upside down. As a result, the bed can be raised to a high toddler bed or lowered. When it is set into a low bed, it keeps your toddler sleeping safely. Meanwhile, when the bed is set into a high toddler bed, it leaves space underneath that can be used for an additional mattress or for playing area. It really saves space.

stuva ikea loft bed combo with three drawers and two doors affordable ikea toddler bed ikea twin bed with drawers

You can also think of buying a single bed. Toddlers with their little body will find it too large but in many ways, they will benefit greatly from the bed. First, they will have a large space for sleeping. Because the bed is large, it will less likely for them to fall off the bed. Second, the bed will last longer so there is no need to buy a new bed because single bed can be used even when your kids reach their teens.

girls room ikea adjustable minnen toddler bed affordable ikea toddler bed

creative and fun ikea kid’s room design affordable ikea toddler bed ikea toddler room

attractive ikea kura castle bed with ladder in wooden frame affordable ikea toddler bed

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