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All Terrain Stroller And Buying Advice

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All terrain stroller is believed by many people to be the same a jogging strollers. If you want to do some tests, basically not all-terrain strollers can work for jogging. The same stories go for any three-wheeled stroller that sometime doesn’t work as all-terrains or even jogging strollers. Therefore, it wouldn’t be easy to classify some models.


In case that you are looking for all-terrain model, it is better to keep in mind that they are should be heavy. The weight should be between 20 to 30 pounds and sometime are often very large even when you fold them. The all-terrain model is for active parents which mean that it is not the ideal option for those who are seeking for a compact and light model.


A Guide to Buy All Terrain Stroller

All terrain stroller is basically a three-wheeled stroller that is also known as traditional stroller with air-filled and larger tires that can deal with any surfaces such as grass, off-road, pavement and mall floors.

The typical feature is the front swivel wheel that you can lock when it is being used especially on the rougher surface. Sometime, it is mistaken for running or jogging strollers, but you cannot use it for running, unless the manufactures told you that.


It is different from jogging stroller since the jogging stroller has large and non-swiveling front wheel which means fixed. It is also has a hand brake to complete the air filled tires as well as some all-terrain counterparts. It is easier to push for the user and the air-filled tires provide smooth ride.

You cannot purchase the all-terrain stroller especially for infants under 6 months unless they are infant-car-seat compatible. It is also important for you to attach the car seat securely to the stroller if you go with a model that supports infant car seats. Then you have to follow the instructions from manufacturer. Your child can be injured if you don’t do this since the car seat can slip or disengage from the stroller.


Therefore, it is better to not push a jogging stroller especially with baby under a year.

Here are some considerations you have to take for this stroller before purchase:

  1. Take overall score such as the ease of use, safety, maneuverability. If possible, display the score of 100 points total in a table.
  2. Consider about the safety harness use, the folding and unfolding mechanism, the adjusting backrest, the lifting and carrying issue, the wheel brakes, the installation and then the car seat removal.
  3. The maneuverability should be assessed by experienced staff members to take score how it can maneuver on S turns through cones, grass, and narrow pathways, uphill, downhill and curbs.

Those are all things you need to know about assessing all terrain stroller as our buying advice.

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