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Employers Should Audit and Update 就业机会-Related Policies and Agreements in Light of New “Defend 商业机密 法案”

就业相关政策奥巴马总统最近签署了《捍卫商业秘密法》(“Act”) into law. The 法案 creates a new cause of action - which became effective immediately - for trade secret misappropriation.

在该法案颁布之前,针对商业秘密盗用的民事索赔主要受州法律管辖。该法案为根据该法案提起的索赔要求建立联邦管辖权,该法案使原告可以选择在联邦法院提起诉讼。 读 More ›

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No Need to Drone On: A Quick Overview of the New 联邦航空局 Rules

新的faa规则2016年6月21日,美国联邦航空管理局(“FAA”) released its much-awaited operational rules for drones. We have been tracking these rules for the last year. The biggest change from the proposed rules to final rules is that the final rules eliminate the need for commercial drone operators to obtain a manned aircraft pilot's license. Instead, drone operators will have to pass a knowledge test for unmanned aircraft. The test will be administered at 联邦航空局 approved testing centers nationwide.  读 More ›

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版权Basics: 3 Tips for Small Businesses


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