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Baby Wrap Carrier Types

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A baby wrap carrier has a function to carry your baby safely and comfortably without your arms and hand holding the baby. It means your hands can do other things while your baby kept being closed and monitored. Baby carriers are available in several types. There are at least three types widely available on the market; front carriers, slings, and wrap. The last mentioned one seems to be the most widely used. Parents all over the world have used wraps to carry their baby for centuries.

paxbaby babywearing metamorphosis conversion babycarrier wunderland baby wrap carrier types

Wraps are traditionally a long fabric wrapped around the neck and shoulder and tied around to hold and secure the baby. Until today many parents still use the traditional and simple design of wraps. Besides, they also use modern wraps. There are two types of modern wraps; stretch wraps and woven wraps.

baby wrap carrier didymos with bluee stripes baby wrap carrier types

Stretch wraps are usually made of jersey or other fabrics that wrap the baby snuggly. That is it is ideal for newborns. This type of wraps can be used in various ways such as chest-to-chest or upright. Meanwhile, woven wraps are often used for older babies although they can be used for newborns too. Woven wraps are used almost similarly as the stretch wraps but they offer the extra carrying position that is a back carry position. In this position, it is very easy and comfortable to carry older babies. Your arms won’t feel like they want to break.

mesh baby wrap carrie with strip blue baby wrap carrier types

When shopping for wraps, think about which style is convenient for you. You should prioritize comfort and safety on the top of other things. In addition, make sure that you really know how to use it safely and securely.

The comfort of wraps is also determined by their fabric. They can be made of nylon, cotton, or a combination of cotton and spandex, and much more. Be sure the fabric is soft enough to your baby’s skin.

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