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Best Diaper Changing Pad Options

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Due to the importance of changing diaper pad, expectant parents should include it in the shopping list before their baby’s arrival. There are numerous styles and types that might make new-parents-to-be confused to decide which one to buy. You have to know what every brand offers and learn their benefits to you and the baby.

summer infant 4-sided changing pad best diaper changing pad options

Summer Infant 4-Sided Changing Pad

One of the best options is the one from Summer Infant. This four-sided changing pad is highly popular among parents because it is comfortable, easy to clean, and not expensive. It also has a fashionable look. Because it has full four contoured edges, chances for runny diaper leak will be unlikely. This pad has safety belt to keep the baby in place during changing time.

skip hop diaper pad kit pronto triangles best diaper changing pad options skip hop diaper changing pad

Skip Hop Diaper Pad Kit Pronto Triangles

The second best choice is Skip Hop diaper pad kit. It is ideal for travel. It has fashionable style with ten different colors and patterns. Designed for travel, it is very easy to carry. It has some pockets to keep baby’s essentials. Keekaroo is another recommended diaper changing pad. Made with excellent workmanship durability, this American made diaper dap might be the one you are looking pad. The best thing about this pad is it does not absorb liquids so you do not need to change pad covers.

kushies changing pad waterproof best diaper changing pad options

Kushies Changing Pad Waterproof

You can also try Kushies changing pad. Unlike most changing pads which have small size, this one is gigantic but can be folded up into smaller size. It is made of soft flannel so the baby will feel comfortable during the changing time. Cleaning the pad is very easy because it is machine washable.

If you are interested in organic diaper pad, the best one is the one from Oeuf NCY. What make organic diapers different from others is the material. As organic products, the changing pad is made of plant-based foam and free from any harmful toxic materials.

tutorial- diaper pouch + changing pad craft buds best diaper changing pad options

Tutorial- Diaper Pouch + Changing Pad Craft Buds

travel diaper changing and playtime mat best diaper changing pad options

Travel Diaper Changing And Playtime Mat

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