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Bunk Bed with Desk for Minimalist House

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Families who live in a small house or a house with a minimalist design should think hard how to make their home comfortable and well-functioned without the need of many furniture pieces and accessories. For your kids’ bedroom, think about using a bunk bed. Bunk beds consist of two beds where one bed is on the top of another. A bunk bed can also come in the form of loft bed where the unit only has one bed on the top while the underneath area is just a wide open space.


The area under the bed can be used as a study nook. A desk can be added there. Using a bunk bed with desk can save much floor space in a small minimalist bedroom. Many families today have a minimalist house due to the limited land area, particularly in big cities.


Not only is a bunk bed with a desk beneficial for families with a small home, it also brings economic benefit. Compared to buying a bed and a desk separately, buying a bunk bed with a desk can save more money.


If the bed is used for kids, you can consider the one with stairs or a slide that allow your children to have fun climbing up and down the bed. This can be a great physical exercise for them too. More importantly, the kids will be more excited to study. It is because the study area can be reached quickly.

Being minimalist, parents should think smart on choosing furniture pieces that do not occupy lots of space. A bunk bed that features a desk is a solution for rooms with restricted space. It leaves some space in the room that can be used for playing area or other things as well. Minimalist rooms should also be uncluttered. To achieve this goal, consider adding drawers to the desk where you can put everything out of sight.

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