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Buying Changing Table Topper and Pad

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One of the must-have items that new parents cannot live without is a changing pad. Without the item, changing baby diapers will be a hassle. Basically, a changing pad can be placed on any surface even on the floor. However placing it on a changing table or dresser is a much better idea.

changer, changing table top for ikea hemnes drawer ebay buying changing table topper and pad

The ideal height of the table or dresser will prevent you from getting backache and other kinds of discomfort. Changing dresser are preferable than changing tables because they have drawers to store baby’s stuff and equipment. During the changing time, you can reach everything you need like tissue, diapers, and baby oil from the dresser quickly.

diy changing table on top of dresser buying changing table topper and pad

Purchasing baby changing dresser can cost a lot of money. If you already have a dresser, buying only a changing table topper will save you some money. Table toppers only cost around a hundred dollars while changing dressers, can be ten times more expensive. You can just attach the topper on the dresser that you already have. There are easy-to-follow instructions to help you in assembling the product.

best changing table tray ideas buying changing table topper and pad

The topper comes with hardware to secure to the dresser. The problem is that there are chances that the topper does not suit your standard old dresser. So, make sure you pay attention to the dimension of the topper you want to purchase. A better alternative is to have the topper customized. It can be painted or finished to match the table or dresser where it is attached to.

They key of getting the best changing table topper lays on its quality and safe materials. In addition, proper care will make your furniture more long-lasting. Most changing table toppers are designed to support children who weigh under 30 lbs. They are often sold with a changing pad but the pad is mostly sold separately.

davinci removable changing tray buying changing table topper and pad

custom rustic changing table topper buying changing table topper and pad

maclaren louis changing table topper - white & natural buying changing table topper and pad

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