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诉讼s Encouraged by 第六巡回赛 Decision Where Customer and Employee Sensitive Data Breached

网络安全美国第六巡回上诉法院(“Sixth Circuit”) may make it easier for plaintiffs to bring costly lawsuits against companies that allow sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands. Most troubling from a company's perspective, the 第六巡回赛 used language that some states legally require in data breach notification letters to justify allowing the case to move forward. 在此处阅读有关此案例的更多信息。

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作为福斯特·斯威夫特(Foster Swift)的业务和税务业务团队的成员,泰勒(Taylor)帮助企业和企业主解决和预防问题。他处理业务组建和交易,税务争议,员工福利以及与技术相关的问题。


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