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Diaper Bag Checklist for Traveling

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A diaper bag is a must-have piece for all parents who have babies. Whenever the family ventures away from home, a diaper bag is a necessity. In the bag, you can put all stuff your baby needs. The diaper bag should be well-packed to save the day. Making sure that all the essentials are packed is very important. You don’t want to forget a thing, do you? That is why using a diaper bag checklist is crucial especially for new parents with a newborn.


Let’s start with the essentials for your baby. The most important pieces you must put in the checklist are diapers. You will spend a lot of time in cars or other means of transportation. So, you need disposable diapers. The number of the diapers depends on how long you will be out. Newborns need more diapers as they have a pee more often than older babies. For diaper changes, you also need changing pad and wipes. Besides, wipes are used for cleaning sticky faces and wiping surfaces. Don’t forget the plastic bags to put dirty diaper.


During the trip, your baby also needs a change of clothes. Even in an air-conditioned vehicle, babies can get sweaty that they need to get clothes changed. Don’t forget to put socks on the checklist especially if you travel during cold seasons.


Baby food is also a part of the checklist. You don’t want the baby starving during the journey, right? So, always prepare breast milk or formula (including the bottles), foods, and snacks. Don’t forget the eating utensils like a bowl and spoons.

Besides the essentials, consider the extras such as a pacifier, toys, breast-pad, etc. If your diaper bag is large, why not bring all of them? These extra pieces can comfort the baby and ease the mom tackle everything.

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