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Different Types of Kids Bean Bag Chairs

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Bean bag chairs were widely used in the sixties. Now they make a comeback and are popularly used by children. These chairs are available in the market in numerous styles and types so parents who want to buy one for their kids have many options to choose from.

girl sitting in kid-friendly bean bag chair different types of kids bean bag chairs

Unlike conventional chairs, bean bag chair for kids are stuffed with fillings inside.  PVC pellets are the most commonly used material to fill the inside of bean bag chairs but there are actually other materials that can be used. For example, the fillings can be vinyl, foam, velvet, and other materials.

faux leather kids classic bean bags different types of kids bean bag chairs

Actually, the original filling for these chairs were beans. However, nowadays you won’t find beans-filled bag chairs. It is because beans are too tiny small that they can be spilled out from the chair. Children can accidently swallow the beans or steps on them and slip. Instead of the dangerous small beans, manufacturers started using other materials as mentioned above because they are considered as safe and more comfortable.

bean bag chair for kids - chairs & bean bags different types of kids bean bag chairs

They have a unique design with an attractive look. The shape often resembles cartoon characters and other interesting objects which kids find familiar such as the shape of fruits and vehicles. The interesting shapes really attract children’s attention, making them spend more time on the chair.

Due to the attractive look, a bean bag chair can be used as a part of the decoration, too. It will not only serve a place for children to get relaxed having some me time but also enhance the room’s decor, making it more pleasing to the eye.

different types of kids bean bag chairs

Bean bag chairs kids are also available in loungers’ style. Bean bag loungers allow children to sit or lie outside in hot weather. They can be placed near a swimming pool. After the kids swim, they can get relaxed in the lounge. For outdoor use, the lounge chairs are designed to be weatherproof.

attractive kids bean bag chairs different types of kids bean bag chairs

unique baby bean bag chair different types of kids bean bag chairs

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