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Double Bob Stroller Revolution Flex Duallie Good And Bad Things

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Double bob stroller or the revolution flex duallie is one of the ideal all-terrain strollers that can support two children. It is presented by BOB as one of jogging strollers. The front wheel can swivel to give you good maneuverability and then lock it in case that you want to keep it stable. The suspension system is adjustable with the adjustable handlebar that completes all parents perfectly.


There are several color options available such as lagoon, red, meadow, and canyon and black. Today, we would like to give you its good and bad sides as a top stroller on the market.


Double Bob Stroller, the Good and Bad Things

No product has perfect features. It goes the same for double bob stroller revolution flex duallie.

Good things:

First, we love the fact that it has good maneuverability. It is because the swiveling-locking front wheels allow stroller to maneuver even in tight turns once you lock forward to increase its stability when you have to pass on rough terrain or when jogging. The padded handlebar is also adjustable with 9 positions to give perfect fits for all heights and all parents. The suspension system is also adjustable to offer 3-inch of travel and 2-stage of weight to give you ultra-smooth ride. To give you convenient transportation and storage, it has two-step fold. You can use other brands or matching BOB accessories to complete the strollers. In addition, the air filled tires work best with the high-impact polymer wheels for a smooth ride for both on-road and off-road performance.


Other interesting things are that the fully upright seating positions allow kids to see the world around you and the one-hand recline adjustments allow you to lay the seat back simply by pressing a button. The five-point harness and ultra-padded seat with ventilation design are good to keep your child secure and comfortable. It has integrated pockets, large canopies shield, enhanced quick-release design and adjustable front wheel tracking.

Bad things:

For some people, it can be heavy and large strollers. But it doesn’t matter since most all-terrain stroller that works as jogging stroller has these features. It is because stability is truly important for double bob stroller to deal with off-road ways.



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