Kids Furniture Ideas kids furniture, furniture for boys, furniture for girls, bathroom furniture for kids Thu, 21 Sep 2017 02:41:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Types of Pottery Barn Kids Chairs Thu, 21 Sep 2017 02:41:18 +0000 Pottery Barn chairs kids – Have you ever wanted to purchase kids furniture but you ended up with nothing? Perhaps, you should go to Pottery Barn outlet. You surely have ever heard the name Pottery Barn as this corporation have a good reputation in selling a variety of high-end furniture including furniture for kids. The outlet is a recommended place to find quality items for children. Not only is the quality good, Pottery Barns also offer many styles of products that can capture your children and your interest.

pottery barn lavender heart anywhere chair with love patterns for kids types of pottery barn kids chairs

Pottery Barn sells a wide range of kids’ furniture such as beds, desks, chairs, and many more. Among the items, their chairs are the best-selling ones. In the outlets, you can find various categories of Pottery Barn chairs for kids such as kids’ armchairs, Adirondack chairs, bean bags, anywhere chairs, benches, accent chairs, and play chairs. They come in various styles and colors, providing the best solution for kids’ seating.

anywhere chair pottery barn for kids in different colors and patterns types of pottery barn kids chairs

Four indoor use, you can consider anywhere chairs. As the name suggests, the chairs can be placed just anywhere in the house. They are available in soft colors. Some of them are plain while some others have patterns on them. Designed specifically for kids, the chairs are very comfortable. Kids can get relaxed while reading or doing their hobbies.

pottery barn teen ivory polar bear faux fur beanbag types of pottery barn kids chairs

For outdoor use, think about Adirondack chairs. These chairs are made with outdoor-friendly design in mind, making them perfect for use near a swimming pool or for a picnic during summer months. You can even buy umbrellas that are sold separately to protect the kids from the sun.

If there are no Pottery Barn outlets near your area, you can simply visit the website. Shopping online is very confinement because the website is user-friendly. For any updates about new arrivals and special offers, you can subscribe newsletter and online catalogs too.

pottery barn tufted wingback rocking chair for kids types of pottery barn kids chairs

pottery barn kids chesterfield mini chair types of pottery barn kids chairs

pottery barn kids chair with the red cover for toddler types of pottery barn kids chairs

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Britax Stroller with Ultimate Design and Feature Wed, 20 Sep 2017 14:17:41 +0000 Britax baby stroller is perfect for modern parents seeking lightweight and maneuverable stroller for their loved little one. Britax is known as a brand of ultimate strollers. Britax strollers are built with one-hand quick fold design in mind to make storage simple and easy. Besides, they can be used in any situations including the tight ones due to the 3-wheel configuration. Walking and jogging with the strollers will be a terrific experience both for parents and their babies.

britax second seat for b-ready stroller, black - baby stroller britax stroller with ultimate design and feature baby stroller

Sometimes when running with a stroller, parents often worry about their child’s comfort. With the stroller by Britax, however, all of the worries will be gone. Your child can stay comfortable because the stroller uses only the finest fabric and material. Moreover, there is a supersized canopy that comes with the stroller to protect the child from the weather.

bob and britax b-safe stroller system britax stroller with ultimate design and feature baby stroller

Britax strollers are very lightweight. They only weigh 16.5 pounds. It means that you can carry them easily from one place to another place. It feels like you push nothing. Even, if you have older children, you can let them pushing the stroller as it is not heavy at all. Say goodbye to a tiring adventure, then.

britax b agile stroller b safe infant car seat value britax stroller with ultimate design and feature baby stroller

Any children whose weight are less than 55 pounds can use this super-lightweight stroller. Although it is lightweight, the stroller is very durable. The can last for many years together as your baby grows.

Paired with a Britax car seat, this stroller can create a wonderful travel system. Pairing it with a car seat is very easy because it has the Click and Go system. You do need to use any extra adapters. Active families who like exercises and traveling should have this stroller. This stroller is a best-selling product. It means that many people all over the world have used this product so it is easy to get some reviews.

britax stroller b-motion 4 plus 2016 britax stroller with ultimate design and feature baby stroller

britax b-ready double frame review britax stroller with ultimate design and feature baby stroller britax 2013 b-agile double stroller, black britax stroller with ultimate design and feature baby stroller

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Elmo Toddler Bed for Those who like Sesame Street Wed, 20 Sep 2017 01:44:59 +0000 Elmo Bedding for Toddler Bed – Your kids must be familiar with famous TV shows entitled Sesame Street. There are many characters in this educative TV shows such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Oscar the Grouch. However, among the characters on Sesame Street, Elmo tends to be the most popular one. He is easily recognized with his falsetto voice and red furry body. The special segment ‘Elmo’s World’ and ‘Elmo the Musical’ really capture toddlers’ interest. Not only are the segments entertaining, they are also educative.

sesame street plastic toddler bed elmo toddler bed for those who like sesame street

Elmo can be a great theme for toddlers’ bed as many children like to watch this TV show. Decorating a bed in a particular theme that they like can make them love their sleeping area, helping them to sleep well and enjoy their playtime as well.

sesame street scribbles 4pc toddler bed set elmo toddler bed for those who like sesame street

One of the ways to bring Elmo’s world atmosphere into your child’s room is to use Elmo toddler bed sets. It is not easy to find toddler bed sets in this theme because Sesame Street has been around for many years in many countries in the world.

sesame street chalk comforter sham set elmo big bird bedding set elmo toddler bed for those who like sesame street

If they have not known Sesame Street yet, introducing them with this TV show through a bed set is a good thing. Usually, children watch the program first and then they start to like the characters. But it can be reverse. By knowing Elmo from their bed sets, they can be encouraged to watch Sesame Street. The program contains educational games and video that can be beneficial for early childhood education. It’s really worth watching.

You can find toddler bed sets in this theme just anywhere. The set may include pillow cases, bed sheets, canopy, and bed sheets. The price varies depending on the material. The bed sets are available in bright colors that can create a fun atmosphere around the bed. They are really ideal for toddlers’ room. - delta children 3d-footboard toddler bed, sesame street - childrens furniture elmo toddler bed for those who like sesame street

sesame street elmo 4 piece toddler bed set elmo toddler bed for those who like sesame street

sesame street. sesame street construction zone 3pc toddler bedding elmo toddler bed for those who like sesame street

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Graco Click Connect Stroller: Comfy Riding Stroller Tue, 19 Sep 2017 13:17:50 +0000 Graco Click Connect Stroller is known to be practical and comfortable. Designed for active family, the stroller is very sturdy. Usually, a sturdy baby gear tends to be bulky and heavy but this stroller is very lightweight. Its weight is not more than 20 pounds. Due to its lightweight design, it is always easy to push and maneuver the stroller wherever you want to go. Meanwhile, its superb durability allows your family to have years of comfortable strolling.

graco fastaction fold click connect jogger travel system graco click connect stroller: comfy riding stroller baby

The stroller can also be used as a wonderful travel system. It goes well with Graco Click Connect car seat. Whenever you want to stow it away, you can simply fold it using just one hand. It allows the other hand to focus on the baby. When the stroller is not being used, you can keep it closed in a convenient storage latch that comes with it.

graco ready2grow click connect lx stroller graco click connect stroller: comfy riding stroller baby

The stroller has some key features such as convertible 5-point safety harness, oversized storage basket, parents’ and child’s tray, and suspension lockable front-swivel wheels. The seat reclined to multi positions so your child can always find the most comfortable position. Plush fabrics and padded seat also contribute to the comfort.

graco aire3 click connect travel system archives - best strollers graco click connect stroller: comfy riding stroller baby

The lockable front swivel wheels make the stroller easy to maneuver even in the narrowest pathways. Furthermore, the sturdy built-in suspension ensures smooth and comfy ride even on the roughest terrain. Not many lightweight strollers have such great features.

The Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller really provides on-the-go convenience for parents and the whole family. The extra-large basket that it has provides storage to keep many items and lets you access those items quickly within arm’s reach. Both parents’ tray and child’s tray are also lovely. You can put everything you need on the tray during the walk. The children tray can be removed so your child can get easy entrance and exit.


graco aire4 xt click connect travel system stroller, marco graco click connect stroller: comfy riding stroller baby

graco relay click connect snugride click connect 35 performance jogging travel system - glacier graco click connect stroller: comfy riding stroller baby

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Make Travel Easier with Chico Double Stroller Tue, 19 Sep 2017 00:55:13 +0000 Families with two babies or two small toddlers often face the hassle of traveling with their children. A great double stroller is the only thing that can help them. Consider a Chico double stroller for easy travel. Designed as a part of a travel system, this double stroller is made to be super lightweight. It is even lighter than most other double baby strollers. Because it is not heavy at all, parents can push, even lift the stroller easily. Besides, folding and unfolding can be done with just one hand in seconds.

chicco poussette double together rouge chicco make travel easier with chico double stroller baby stroller

Double Chicco stroller have chic Italian design that makes them looks elegant and trendy. Pushing this stroller will be a pride and pleasure for parents. Not only does it have an attractive appearance, it also offers comfortable space for babies to enjoy their days. - chicco cortina together double stroller, ombra make travel easier with chico double stroller baby stroller

There is basket storage in a large size that comes with the stroller. Since the basket is oversized, you can just put everything in it such as diapers, clothes, and other things your babies might need during the travel. The basket is also useful when you go shopping with your babies as you can put your shopping items there.

chicco cortina together tandem stroller make travel easier with chico double stroller baby stroller

The stroller is completed with an adjustable canopy that can be removed when it is not in used. The presence of canopy is very crucial when it comes to strollers. When going out, your babies may be exposed to direct sun and bad weather. The canopy can give them protection. Rain, the wind, and even snow can stop you. Whether it is a hot sunny day or a very cold winter the day, your babies will enjoy the ride.

Another special thing about double stroller chicco is its versatility that allows you to customize the seat as you need. Whether strolling with two infants, two older children, or one infant and one toddler, there always perfect seats for them.

chicco cortina together stroller make travel easier with chico double stroller baby stroller

chicco cortina together element. double stroller reviews make travel easier with chico double stroller baby stroller

chicco echo twin stroller - double stroller available in coal gray and black make travel easier with chico double stroller baby stroller

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Stroller Strides for Active Moms Mon, 18 Sep 2017 12:40:07 +0000 Are you an active mom who love to do the workout? After giving a birth to an infant, some moms stop going to a gym or doing physical exercises because they get busy taking care of their baby. In fact, you can still do fitness activities by join Stroller Strides classes. It is a stroller-based fitness program intended for moms and their child.

bugaboo comfort wheeled board • bugaboo comfort wheeled board stroller strides for active moms baby stroller

What does the program offer? By joining the program, you will get some advantages. First, you will have fun sessions of body workout. The class usually consists of 10-15 mothers. They are trained by certified fitness instructors who know a lot about specific fitness programs needed during motherhood. As a mother of a young child, you should be physically powerful and mentally healthy and the workouts do help moms to stay fit.

bob stroller strides single stroller stroller strides for active moms baby stroller

Second, you can meet new friends. You will have a chance to meet new people. After having a baby, you probably do not see your old friends so often. Socializing with people is crucial for your self-development. Talking and spending time with them can also reduce the risk of getting stressed. As all of the participants of this program are moms (sometimes dads may join), you can also share knowledge, information, and experience related to motherhood.

a brand-new skateboard stroller reimagines the future of baby transport stroller strides for active moms baby stroller

Moreover, the program provides outing activities for the whole family. There are often gatherings, It is a stroller-based fitness program intended for moms and their childtrips, and other activities organized by members of the fitness program.  Doing such activities is good not only for moms but also for the children and even for dads. The activities can create a closer bond among them.

If you plan to join Stroller Strides program, of course, you will need a reliable stroller. As most of the activities are done outside, it is suggested to use a jogging stroller that has a great suspension system, lightweight design, and easy fold.

2016 stroller strides duallie 1429 stroller strides for active moms baby stroller

2016 stroller strides duallie stroller strides for active moms baby stroller

bob trailers stroller strides fitness duallie stroller stroller strides for active moms baby stroller

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Double Bob Stroller Revolution Flex Duallie Good And Bad Things Mon, 18 Sep 2017 00:07:54 +0000 Double bob stroller or the revolution flex duallie is one of the ideal all-terrain strollers that can support two children. It is presented by BOB as one of jogging strollers. The front wheel can swivel to give you good maneuverability and then lock it in case that you want to keep it stable. The suspension system is adjustable with the adjustable handlebar that completes all parents perfectly.


There are several color options available such as lagoon, red, meadow, and canyon and black. Today, we would like to give you its good and bad sides as a top stroller on the market.

Double Bob Stroller, the Good and Bad Things

No product has perfect features. It goes the same for double bob stroller revolution flex duallie.

Good things:

First, we love the fact that it has good maneuverability. It is because the swiveling-locking front wheels allow stroller to maneuver even in tight turns once you lock forward to increase its stability when you have to pass on rough terrain or when jogging. The padded handlebar is also adjustable with 9 positions to give perfect fits for all heights and all parents. The suspension system is also adjustable to offer 3-inch of travel and 2-stage of weight to give you ultra-smooth ride. To give you convenient transportation and storage, it has two-step fold. You can use other brands or matching BOB accessories to complete the strollers. In addition, the air filled tires work best with the high-impact polymer wheels for a smooth ride for both on-road and off-road performance.


Other interesting things are that the fully upright seating positions allow kids to see the world around you and the one-hand recline adjustments allow you to lay the seat back simply by pressing a button. The five-point harness and ultra-padded seat with ventilation design are good to keep your child secure and comfortable. It has integrated pockets, large canopies shield, enhanced quick-release design and adjustable front wheel tracking.

Bad things:

For some people, it can be heavy and large strollers. But it doesn’t matter since most all-terrain stroller that works as jogging stroller has these features. It is because stability is truly important for double bob stroller to deal with off-road ways.



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Affordable Ikea Toddler Bed Sun, 17 Sep 2017 11:52:37 +0000 The time when your little baby moves out of their crib is definitely a big day. It’s the time when you welcome him or her a toddler’s life. As the crib no longer can be used, you need to buy a toddler or children bed to start the next stage of life. When buying furniture for kids, quality and safety must be put in mind. Think about a toddlers beds Ikea. Ikea is known to be one of the largest furniture companies in the world that provide a great selection of ready-to-assemble furniture, including toddler beds in wonderful designs.

ikea mydal bunk bed frame made of solid wood affordable ikea toddler bed ikea junior loft bed twin over full bunk bed ikea single loft bed ikea mydal bunk bed hack

Ikea offers a wide range of bed styles that are perfect for toddlers. All of them have fun and colorful designs. Your kids will surely love the beds very much. You can opt for beds with extendable designs meaning that the beds grow together with the kid.

ikea hensvik bedroom design with cabinet and shelf unit affordable ikea toddler bed hensvik ikea shelf

One of the popular Ikea children’s beds is KURA bed. You can turn the bed upside down. As a result, the bed can be raised to a high toddler bed or lowered. When it is set into a low bed, it keeps your toddler sleeping safely. Meanwhile, when the bed is set into a high toddler bed, it leaves space underneath that can be used for an additional mattress or for playing area. It really saves space.

stuva ikea loft bed combo with three drawers and two doors affordable ikea toddler bed ikea twin bed with drawers

You can also think of buying a single bed. Toddlers with their little body will find it too large but in many ways, they will benefit greatly from the bed. First, they will have a large space for sleeping. Because the bed is large, it will less likely for them to fall off the bed. Second, the bed will last longer so there is no need to buy a new bed because single bed can be used even when your kids reach their teens.

girls room ikea adjustable minnen toddler bed affordable ikea toddler bed

creative and fun ikea kid’s room design affordable ikea toddler bed ikea toddler room

attractive ikea kura castle bed with ladder in wooden frame affordable ikea toddler bed

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Advantages of Convertible Cribs Sat, 16 Sep 2017 23:41:19 +0000 Most babies sleep in a crib. Baby cribs are available in numerous types and designs that parents have various options to choose from. On the other hands, shopping for a baby crib can be overwhelming. There is one type of baby cribs that you can consider. It’s the convertible type. Convertible cribs are designed with flexibility and versatility in mind. They offer some advantages that conventional cribs do not offer.

storkcraft calabria crib n changer advantages of convertible cribs

Generally convertible baby cribs are more expensive than other crib types but they are more cost-effective. While conventional cribs can only be used no longer than 24 months, the convertible ones can be used longer. They can be converted into a toddler bed and even larger. It means that they can be a great investment for long-run. It also means less shopping. When your little ones get bigger, you do not need to shop for new bed anymore. Some parents are busy that they do not have much time to go shopping for baby’s furniture.

legacy classic madison 4 in 1 convertible crib collection - white advantages of convertible cribs

Cribs in convertible designs are considered to have more sophisticated and stylish look. Most of them have standard materials color so they can adapt to fit kids of all ages. It is also easy to match the cribs with the decor of the room.

sorelle verona 4-in-1 convertible crib & changer - espresso advantages of convertible cribs

Compared to standard types of cribs, convertible cribs are more durable. It makes sense because they are made to support a larger mattress. Because of the strong construction, they do not wear and tear easily.

Furthermore the cribs allow easy transition from a crib to children’s bed. For many children, it is not easy to leave their crib and move into a new bed. This transition is unavoidable as it is impossible that the babies will stay forever in their crib. By using convertible cribs, babies can move into a bigger bed without completely leaving their crib.

white full-size convertible cribs advantages of convertible cribs

sorelle tuscany 4-in-1 convertible crib and changer combo advantages of convertible cribs - davinci kalani 4-in-1 convertible crib with toddler rail, espresso - toddler beds - baby advantages of convertible cribs

kensington natural baby crib advantages of convertible cribs

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Little Tikes Table for Kids Sat, 16 Sep 2017 11:19:21 +0000 Little tikes picnic table umbrella – Going out for a picnic where all of the family members enjoy a meal outside in nice weather is a great way to spend weekend or summer moments. This is also a good way to avoid the kids become bored with everyday routine. On weekdays the go to school and at home they do homework. It can cause boredom, fatigue, and even stress. Having a picnic is, therefore, a brilliant solution. They will happily play outside and explore the outdoors while learning new things too. When the kiddos are happy, the parents are also happy.

best little tikes picnic table with umbrella cheap little tikes table for kids

When going for a picnic, parents should prepare not only snacks and foods but also other things. One of them is a picnic table. Bringing a picnic table is very important for children because it can keep them busy doing things they like and want during the picnic. little tikes easy store large picnic table with umbrella - toys & games little tikes table for kids

You can easily find kids’ tables in home furniture stores or online marketplaces that sell specialized furniture for kids. One of the recommended products is Little Tikes Table. With this table, kids can do tons of activities that can reduce boredom. They can enjoy hours of fun even when they are at home. When the weather is bad or your kids are a bit feeling unwell that going out for a picnic or outdoor activities is not possible, spending time at home with little tikes play table is a great idea.

little tikes adjust 'n draw table little tikes table for kids

There are many activities that children can do on the table such as drawing, colorings, playing Legos, and many more. Spending time on the table, they will feel that time runs fast.

The table is not only beneficial for kids but for the parents too. Very often parents feel stressful because they find the room messy, toys scattered on the floor, the tables stained, and the like. Little tikes activity table are made of heavy-duty plastic that is easy to clean. At least, it can reduce the hassle of cleaning the area after the kids play.

little tikes table and chairs set little tikes table for kids

little tikes fold n store picnic table little tikes table for kids little tikes adjust n draw table little tikes table for kids

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