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Flashcards For Toddlers And Why It Doesn’t Work To Teach To Talk

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At this time, many parents and even therapists believe that using flashcards for toddlers are an effective solution as the part of their effort to teach a child for new words. The fact is, your child can name all the flash cards, and alphabets, numbers and shapes as well as colors, but he cannot ask you a glass of water. This thing always happens.


Some parents thought that flashcard is a natural option and educational while for therapists, Laura as parent mentioned that it can be a treatment method to increase efficiency. But again, it doesn’t work, or at least not as good as what you can expect.


Why Flashcards For Toddlers Don’t Work to Teach Them to Talk?

Everybody knows that flashcards show pictures and some written words. Not all children realize that the picture represents real thing. For example, your child may see the picture of the cup, but he may not think that it is not a cup because the picture shows a different cup that he usually uses. Even when you say “cup”, some of them may not understand it yet.

So, basically words are symbol, and child cannot easily understand about the picture of the cup if we don’t link the word of “cup” to the one he uses every day.


Besides, most toddlers have no big interest of flashcards for toddlers. It seems a boring picture. For example, why you have to look at a picture of dump truck if you can see it out at the window and then spot the real truck on the road? It can be a way for a better learning!

Indeed, we cannot ignore that some children love flashcards and these children are with their visual strength. They may also love watching movie after movie, exploring picture books, love finding numbers, letters, colors and shapes. For them, flashcard is the natural extension which is good for their individual learning preference.

So, if the flashcards for toddlers is not the best option, we have no option to teach them to talk?


Well, no! Take a real life as the examples!

It is very simple when you can teach new words to them by using real objects as well as real events. Forget about finding pictures of car, ball, cookies or milk and others. There are a lot of real objects around your home and find the real one.

When you want to teach your child to say “jacket”, be sure to repeat the word several times and keep showing the real jacket. Create a lasting impression by having fun with your child so they can remember the word “jacket” easily.

You don’t have to use flashcard. You can teach words anywhere at any time.

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