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Get the Right Type of Retractable Baby Gate

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Installing a retractable baby gate is crucial when your baby starts crawling. The absence of the gate will cause your baby in danger. The safety gates are intended for six months old babies or when they start to crawl to two years age toddlers. Generally, when babies reach the age of two, the safety gate is no longer necessary as, by the time, the babies will have already been able to open or climb the gate.

summer infant custom fit gate get the right type of retractable baby gate

Baby gates fall into two basic categories. The first is the one mounted on the walls using hardware (bolts). This type is ideal for the top of the stairway as the gate can prevent your kid to fall off.  The second one is pressure-mounted gates. As the name implies, the gates are simply presses on walls. Unlike the first type that aims to prevent kids from climbing the stairs, this second type can only separate areas.

retractable baby gate for stairs get the right type of retractable baby gate

Whatever type you choose, make sure the gate is certified by JPMA. You can check the packaging of the product. There should be a sticker from JPMA. The sticker shows you that the product is designed to meet the international safety standard.

dreambaby retractable safety gate - black get the right type of retractable baby gate

There are some JPMA certified gates that you can consider such as Munchkin, Inc., Summer Infant Products, Cardinal Gates, and much more. These are popular brands that are commonly sold on the market. The price of safety baby gates can be as cheap as $20 but you can also find those that reach a hundred dollars.

You also need to consider where you will use the gate, whether on the top of the stairs of in less dangerous places because it determines the type of gate you need to buy. Don’t forget to check the construction as well. Always ask the salesperson to let you try before purchasing the item.

etractable baby gate keeps this toddler out of harm's way get the right type of retractable baby gate

stork® retractable security gate spacer get the right type of retractable baby gate

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