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How to Choose a Toddler Raincoat

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You are hanging out with your little one, walking around the park, but the rain ruins everything. Do you ever experience this? Of course, there is umbrella but this mushroom-shaped stuff cannot completely protect the body from the rain. What your kid needs is a toddler raincoat. Although there are endless options of rain jackets for toddlers, it does not mean picking the right one is easy. There are things to be put into consideration.

ralph lauren childrenswear girls' raincoat how to choose a toddler raincoat

The first one is the sizing. Many raincoats manufacturer already label the size for their products. However, not all of them have universal sizing. Some particular brands may have their own standard of sizing. Because of this, it is better to take your kid go shopping with you so he or she can try on the raincoat. Because raincoat belongs to an outerwear, it should not be too tight.

western chief kids hello kitty cutie dot raincoat for toddler how to choose a toddler raincoat

The second consideration is the material. Designed to give protection from rain, all raincoats are made of water-resistant materials. Some common materials are cotton blends and nylon. They also have different waterproofing and warmth level.

toddler new englander rain jacket how to choose a toddler raincoat

You should also consider colors and patterns of the raincoat. Very often, toddlers refuse to wear their raincoat, even cry when their mom asks them to wear it, simply because they do not like the look of their raincoat. This often happens especially for little girls who like to wear something stylish. For toddlers, functions and materials do not matter at all. All that matter is the style, color, and pattern of their cloth.

Raincoats come in button-front and zip-front types. For toddlers, the second type is more recommended as zip-front allows toddlers to open and wear their raincoat on their own.  However, buying button-front is not a problem either because parents can always help them to put on and take off the raincoat.

carter's floral toddler raincoat how to choose a toddler raincoat

western chief kids butterfly star raincoat (toddler_little kids) how to choose a toddler raincoat

catimini toddler girl matisse in nice polka dot raincoat how to choose a toddler raincoat

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