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How To Purchase Cheap Toddler Beds With Mattress

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It is something usual that kids between 1 to 3 years old move from a crib to toddler bed and you cannot do the switch too soon. It is true that cheap toddler bed with mattress is a nice transition that provides cozy and snug feel for your kids. It is also a good solution that you don’t have to invest your money to a new twin-sized or larger mattress in the near future.


Of course, toddler beds have high sides as well as built-in rails so that they will not roll out or fall. Some cool designs are also available to meet the room themes. You can use the conversion kit from the crib company that is sold separately if you have crib converts to a toddler bed. Sometimes, the company will provide you a bed rail and hardware.


What Things To Consider When Buying Toddler Beds?

There are some important things you have to consider when buying toddler beds as below:

  1. Pick sturdy construction

The bed should stand up for several years and it should deal with tear. Its frame should be solid so you don’t have to replace it after your kids have dance parties. In fact, the solid wood has expensive price but it gives you better durability compared to cheaper materials.


  1. Be sure that the toddler bed holds the mattress tightly

It doesn’t matter at all if you purchase toddler beds with mattress as long as the frame is still durable. The next point you have to consider that the frame should hold the mattress tightly. It is important because if there are gaps between mattress and frame, it is more prone to cause entrapment hazard.


  1. Purchasing toddler beds with mattress means that you should get rail on both sides

It is crucial to purchase cheap kid beds with mattress but with rail on the sides even if you placed it against a wall. As you know, small kids can be trapped between the wall and the mattress.

Those are all things you need to go when it is about buying toddler bed. Cheap doesn’t mean that you only get a low-cost crib with less safety standard.



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