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How to Use Baby Co Sleeper Safely

Co Sleeper for Baby – Instead of sharing the same bed, many parents opt for putting their infant in a co-sleeper. Sleeping in a co sleepers for babies bring so many benefits to the baby itself and the parents as well. The baby will have her own space yet still be in her mom’s arm’s reach. Although sleeping in a co-sleeper lower the risk of SIDS, still, there are chances of that. Therefore, parents should know how to keep their baby safe in her co-sleeper.

baby co sleepr camp cot how to use baby co sleeper safely

One of the ways to reduce the risk of sudden death is to lower the room temperature. Keep in mind that sleeping near your baby will make her warm. So there is no need to use a space heater. Not only is a cooler room good for the baby, it also makes the parents sleep better.  Dressing your baby well is also a way to keep safe and comfortable. Instead of covering her with a blanket, it is much better to dress her in a proper night outfit.

baby cocoon sleeper how to use baby co sleeper safely

Sleeping in a co-sleeper closely beside mom tends to make the baby wake up more often. This can disrupt her sleep. It is the mother’s task to manage night feedings. Little by little, moms should make a consistent plan to reduce feedings. By the age of six months, the baby should be able to sleep a whole night without milk.

modern rockwell bassinet baby furniture co-sleeper how to use baby co sleeper safely

Sleeping next to their baby, moms tend to lay down while they’re breastfeeding. This can make the baby get choked. Always put a pillow on your backside. In this way, you will feel comfortable as your back is supported and the baby will be kept in a straight line.

During their early months, babies will spend the nights in a co-sleeper. They do not always sleep there. Even when they are sleeping, they often change position several times. It is recommended to buy a co sleeper baby bed with a large space so the babies can have more space.

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