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Kate Spade Diaper Bag Review

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Kate spade baby diaper bag is a kind of fashionable bag that stylish moms can consider. Among some stylish bags like Skip Hope and Vera Bradley, the Kate Spade Stevie diaper bag often becomes the most favorite one. The bag has some features that parents love so much. The Stevie bags come in a variety of styles and colors. Every year, the manufacturer always releases new style.

kate spade pink green red blue striped diaper bag kate spade diaper bag review

The bag is water resistant. That is why the Stevie bag is ideal for a diaper bag. Due to its water resistance, you should not worry about your baby spills something on it. It is very easy to clean the stain. You just need to wipe the stain with baby wipes and the stain will be gone in seconds.

kate spade new york classic spade stevie baby bag chocolate review kate spade diaper bag review

The bag is quite large. It is enough for a blanket, some diapers, foods, clothes, and milk. It has five open slip pockets to put small stuff like wipes, pacifiers, and small toys. It has zippered top closure that makes the bag easy to open and close without worrying the things inside it will fall out.

kate spade stevie baby bag spot nylon black diaper bag kate spade diaper bag review

In addition, the bag is comfortable to carry as the handles are made of soft leather. More than that, it looks so stylish. When people see the bag, they won’t tell that it’s a diaper bag. It just looks like a fashionable woman’s shoulder bag with a wide shape. Due to the shape, you can find everything inside the bad quickly.

So, if you look for a fancy bag, the Stevie bag is a great idea. Not only is it stylish, the bag is also durable that can last for many years. The only downside is the absence of a long messenger type strap. If you need that kind of strap, perhaps you add one yourself. Luckily, the bag is lightweight that you will be comfortable carrying it on your shoulder.

latest by kate spade kate spade diaper bag classic spade adaira baby bag kate spade diaper bag review

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