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Levana Baby Monitor Reviews

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Sometimes, you cannot be always with your baby. You might do house chores outside the room, cook, answer the phone, or do something else that you should leave your little loved one for a while. You will need a device that helps you monitor your baby. It is just a small device but very important to let you know what’s going on with your baby. If you look at a monitor to supervise your baby while you are away, think about Levana Baby Monitor. Levana is known for amazing baby monitor products.

levana alexa 5 inch baby video monitor levana baby monitor reviews

There are many Levana products that can be found on the market. The first one is Jena monitor by Levana. The rechargeable battery is built to be long lasting, allowing the monitor to work for a night long. This powerful battery becomes its main strength. It also features a sophisticated feature, called Clearvu® technology. This technology allows you can precisely hear and see your baby from 500 feet away. In addition, the camera can take a clear image even in a dark room due its night vision.

levana era 2.4 inch digital wireless video baby monitor with talk to baby intercom levana baby monitor reviews

The second baby monitor to consider is the newest star from Levana, the Astra video baby monitor. The most special feature about this baby monitor is its special 3.5” screen. The quality of the image is wonderful even at night when the light is low. You really can see more through the screen. The device is full of extra features such as shooting lullabies and camera expandable system.

levana jena digital baby video monitor levana baby monitor reviews

Or, you might be interested in Lila Levana baby monitor. This is the cheapest of all. The features are not as complete as the two former ones but this basic monitor also offers typical Levana features like invisible infrared LED night vision, Clearvu® technology, lifetime customer support, etc. People also like Lila baby monitor because it has a compact and attractive design.

levana ovia video baby monitor1 levana baby monitor reviews

levana stella ptz baby video monitor levana baby monitor reviews

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