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Lightning McQueen Toddler Bed for Boys

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Toddler Bed Lightning Mcqueen – Does your little boy like car toys? If he really does, it will be a great idea to incorporate car design in his bed. Every kid loves something that resembles his favorite character. Lightning Mcqueen race car toddler bed that resemble car shape can be perfect for your little one. This bed is designed to create not only fun bedtime but also fun playtime.

disney cars toddler bedroom race car lightning mcqueen bed lightning mcqueen toddler bed for boys

What is special about Lightning Mcqueen toddler car bed? It has an authentic race car look completed with headlights (batteries included) and steering week. Under the hood, there is a storage space that can be used to keep toddlers’ stuff and toys. This toy box is quite oversized. It can house a lot of things. Furthermore, the bed is made to be convertible, meaning it can be converted from a toddler bed to a twin bed simply by changing the mattress. Due to its convertible design, it can be used for kids of all ages.

cars lightning mcqueen toddler bed with underbed storage lightning mcqueen toddler bed for boys

The bed is made of molded plastic which is very sturdy. When buying this bed, you will be offered some additional stuff that is sold separately such as mattresses, bunky board, box spring, and bedding. Buying them all together can be cheaper than buying them separately. But if you already have some, of course, you do not need to buy all of them.

little tikes lightning mcqueen toddler bed 2 lightning mcqueen toddler bed for boys

There are stickers on the body of the car. They make the bed looks so cool. They are stuck quite strongly onto the bed so you don’t need to worry that they will peel off easily.

Your son will definitely love the bed because it is just so cool. Toddlers will absolutely have a fun time playing around. They can just play all the time and whenever they get tired and sleepy they will go to sleep on their own. Of course, parents can always co-sleep and nurse their children.

little tikes lightning mcqueen roadster toddler bed lightning mcqueen toddler bed for boys

disney pixar cars convertible toddler-to-twin bed with lights and toy box lightning mcqueen toddler bed for boys

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