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Little Tikes Car with New Features

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Little Tikes Toy Car – There are some advantages of buying a ride-on toy for your kid. Not only does it improve mobility and encourage exercise, it also promotes independent play. Moreover, it allows kids to play outside. Playing outdoors with fresh air should be a part of childhood. It will make them healthier, more productive, and creative.

little tikes cozy coupe cab little tikes car with new features outdoor

Little Tikes Coupe Car is one of the original ride-on toys that brings children to a great adventure. The car toy has actually been introduced since 30 years ago but the new model offers some new features that allow parents to conveniently assist their kids riding the car. Parents can push rides by pushing handle on the back. Another new feature is a removable floor.

amazon.com- little tikes princess cozy coupe little tikes car with new features outdoor

In order to make kids comfortable when riding the car , it has a high seat back. In addition, in the rear, you can find storage. The presence of storage is very useful because when kids are going around with the car, they always need stuff like diapers, milk, baby oil, and the like. Meanwhile, their milk bottle can be placed on the cup holders in the back. The ignition switch is another special feature that the car has. It makes any kids feel like they are really riding a real car.

little tikes cozy coupe 30th anniversary with cozy trailer little tikes car with new features outdoor

The Little Tikes car or Little Tikes Cozy Coupe which is made in the USA is built with safety and comfort in mind. The tires are durable the wheels can spin 360 degrees so the car toy is very easy to ride and drive. Designed for early childhood, toddlers will find it easy to figure out how to ride and play with the car.

A few buyers complaint about its complicated assembly. In fact, putting it together is not that difficult. There are clear instructions that are simple to understand and follow. It won’t take much time is you read the instructions carefully.

little tikes cozy truck is the best kids ride-on truck for 1-6 little tikes car with new features outdoor

little tikes cozy truck little tikes car with new features outdoor

little tikes cozy coupe sport little tikes car with new features outdoor

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