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Little Tikes Slide for Beginners

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Little Tikes Play Slide – Are you looking for a perfect and safe slide for your 18-month-old child? Little Tikes slide is just the right one. Climbing and sliding with this slide is so much fun. It has the ideal size for your little one. As the first slide, a child needs something safe, durable, and eye-catching, and the Little Tikes first slide is just what your little needs. The best thing about this slide is that it is very easy to store as you can fold and unfold it in minutes.

little tikes endless adventures adjustable mountain climber little tikes slide for beginners outdoor

People who live in small apartments often find space as an issue. As space is tight, they need everything to be compact including kids toys. Little Tikes Toddler Slide can save space because whenever the kid is not using it, you can just unlock and fold it, and store it away. Not only is it simple to store, it is also easy to put together. You can do it in seconds without tools required.

awesome little tikes swing set and slide little tikes slide for beginners outdoor

What about the material? When you look it at the first time from its picture on a website, you might be not sure to buy it because the plastic material looks thin and cheap. In fact, the plastic is durable and when you finish assembling it, you will find that the slide itself is very stable.

little tikes little tikes® 1,2,3 climber, see saw and slide little tikes slide for beginners outdoor

Specifically designed for younger kids, this slide is easy to use yet it also promotes physical growth for your kid. Your kid may try to walk up the slide the first time he sees the slide. But soon, he will learn climbing up and down the 3-feet long slide.

The slide is colorful, perfect for small children. Your little one will love it. Moreover, it lasts for years. The only downside is it can only be used by 1 toddler at a time. But it is not a problem because kids can climb on it in turn when they’re playing together.

little tikes school bus activity gym little tikes slide for beginners outdoor

the little tikes easy store giant play slide features easy steps for climbing, a gentle slope, and a wide base for stability little tikes slide for beginners outdoor

little tikes jr. play slide review little tikes slide for beginners outdoor

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