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Little Tikes Slide for Young Kids

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Little Tikes swing and slide is specially designed for young kids. With this slide, parents have no reasons for being worried about their kids’ safety. It is because the slide has steps that are easy to climb. The slope is also gentle so kids won’t fall at a sharp angle. The construction is quite stable as the slide has a wide base and locking support arm. Due to these safety features, you won’t find your kid fall while climbing up.

little tikes endless adventures rock climber and slide little tikes slide for young kids outdoor

This made-in-USA slide can be set up easily and quickly. The assembly can be done only by one person although fitting the ladder to the base can be a bit challenging. It generally causes no frustration. Even when you get frustrated assembling the slide, it is worth it because the slide has really good quality. Once it is assembled, kids can play with it. The size is perfect for toddlers. It gives them comfortable slide to have an adventure.

little tikes hide & slide climber- amazon.co.uk- toys & games little tikes slide for young kids outdoor

Your child will love this slide very much. He will be able to play with their friends. The slide stays stable even when older children use it. Due to its sturdiness, it’s a great slide for kids.

little tikes climber, see saw & slide little tikes slide for young kids outdoor

There is only one thing that parents should be warned. The place underneath the steps is a perfect place for wasps or other insects building their nests. Being placed outside makes this possible to happen. Therefore, you should always check the slide and its steps if there are wasps’ nest. It can be dangerous for toddlers playing in an area with a wasps’ nest as they can get stung.

Overall it is an ideal slide for toddlers and can be used for older children too. Although it comes with some safety features, supervision is needed when toddlers are using the slide. It’s just to make sure that no accidents happen.


little tikes slam 'n curve inflatable water slide - walmart.com little tikes slide for young kids outdoor

little tikes easy store large slide little tikes slide for young kids outdoor

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