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Loft Beds for Teens with Desk

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A loft bed has a different design from a bunk bed that instead of featuring two beds, one bed over another, a loft bed consists only one top bed over a wide open space. Loft beds are often used by teens or kids although they also suit adults. Usually, teenagers like to have playmates stay for a night. The area under the loft bed can be used as an area for studying, reading, or playing something with friends.


One of the greatest ideas of loft beds for teens is to combine the loft bed with a desk underneath. A desk often occupies a lot of floor space. If the bedroom is small, having a desk under the loft bed is a smart idea as it saves space. Teenagers need a perfect study nook where they can do their homework, complete school assignments, study for exams, read books, do a craft project, write diaries, and do other typical teenagers’ activities.


The desk allows teenagers to focus studying conveniently. One thing to pay attention is to make sure that desk area has enough light. Because the area is underneath a bed, it often becomes darker than other parts of the room. Therefore, using extra lamps is recommended.


If possible, add more drawers on the desk. The drawers can serve as storage space for books, stationery kits, and other items. This frees up much space in the room, leaving more area for hosting other pieces of furniture. It can be concluded that a loft bed is a solution for the small bedroom.

Considering the benefits of loft beds especially for a small room, you should start to find a reputable provider selling a loft bed. Online stores offer a practical way to find a good loft bed that saves your time and money. So, what are you waiting for? Find one and surprise your child.

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