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Making Loft Beds for Teens

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As our children grow the floor space in our home seems to be getting smaller. Teenagers seem to have more stuff than adults. There should be more floor space to house their books, toys, and other things they have. Buying loft beds for teens can be a great solution.

loft bed with desk and stairs for teens making loft beds for teens

The beds frees up some floor space and give a new interesting look to the room that your child will be fond of. For a truly custom look that suit your children’s interest, you can think of making a loft bed on your own instead of purchasing it from a store.

totally amazing bunk beds for teenager design ideas making loft beds for teens

The first thing to do to make a teenager’s loft bed is to choose a desired design. You can browse online for endless design options. However, not all of them might work for your particular teen’s bedroom. Some of them may be too tall that cannot be placed in the bedroom as it has low ceiling. That’s why it is very important to take a good look at room before choosing the design.

elegant architecture designs bunk bed bedroom for teen boys making loft beds for teens

After you have the design on your hand, it is time to get make some plans. If this is the first time for you to make a loft bed and you don’t have much carpentry skills and experience you might refer to some professional plans found in the Internet, libraries, and magazines. They are all great resources because you can always find recently updated plans.

When building a loft bed, make sure it has safe construction. It has to be durable enough to support the mattress and your child. Use bolts and screws to hold every parts of the bed firmly in place. Another important thing to do is to choose the best and sturdy materials for the loft bed. There are a variety of different materials such as wood and metal.

modern designs wood bunk beds with teen boys beds making loft beds for teens

cool teen loft bed ideas making loft beds for teens

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