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Oeuf Toddler Bed Rhea Review and Features

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Oeuf claimed that they have a commitment to continue their eco-friendly and high quality products. One of their ways is to not take their manufacturing in China, but still go in Europe. When you hear about Oeuf toddler bed, the first thing that comes to your mind is the elegant design, simple and high quality product.


The Rhea Crib is one of their newest products and it is designed as a beautiful baby crib especially for parents who need to find safe, high quality and non-toxic bed for their little one. It is the third baby-crib design presented by Oeuf. It has elegant and sophisticated design with the current price about 670.00 dollars.


Oeuf Toddler Bed Rhea Crib Features

Constructed from sustainably sourced wood

It is constructed from solid birch and Baltic birch plywood. It is sturdy, long lasting and even more secure than the MDF crib. It is not made in China, but in Latvia, the Baltic nation with high-quality local wood.


The design is elegant. It is perfect for modern nursery since it has premium and sleek look. It also has warm wood tones that can deal with any color scheme and décor.


Adjustable mattress positions

It provides you 3 different mattress positions you can adjust so it can be easy for you to adjust based on your baby’s size and height. It also has low height so you can access your baby easily such as lifting and placing him down to the crib.

Non-toxic finish

Oeuf toddler bed Rhea Crib has sustainably sourced wood body and water-based coated. It means that it has non-toxic paint to keep your baby safe to sleep. The VOC-free coating wouldn’t harm your baby so that it doesn’t bring any healthy issues for your baby.

Scratch-free wood

The body of Rhea Crib has birch plywood that is completely resistant as well as scratch-free. It has smooth surface to make him safe and prevent any biting off the wood that can hurt him. As you know, there are many cribs constructed from MDF and wood combination that can get broken easily.


You can even upgrade it to a toddler bed simply by using a toddler conversion kit that is available. It will improve its functionality especially for kid grows. It also has matching changing station as well as table.


Other features

It has modern safety standards to meet the regulations in Europe, Australia, Canada and US. It has highly eco-friendly design with the small footprint. Its weight is heavy enough that is about 85 pounds.

Easy to use and easy to maintain

Well, it is a quite easy to assemble and it has ideal height that makes you easily access your baby. To clean, you can use a lightly dampened cloth and then wipe away any stain and dirt around it. It is recommended to cover the mattress with machine washable waterproof pad so that it doesn’t give any mess on the mattress.

If you need an eco-friendly or sustainably toddler bed that has high safety standards and easy to assemble with the beautiful aesthetic and good value for your money, we think you should consider the Rhea Crib Oeuf toddler bed.

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