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Phil And Teds Stroller Review and Why Should Purchase

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Phil And Teds stroller is a fast-popular products manufactured in Wellington, New Zealand. They are quite popular with their inline double strollers with the second seat attachment. Its high popularity is the evidence for their presence in up to 40 countries. Their major markets are North America, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. They are capable to provide you unique in-line strollers or also known well as buggies. Even they also produce infant carries, bassinets, travel cots, high chairs and the last is car seats.


Basically they have big commitment to be the leader of choice for parents so they are about keeping for active and dynamic lifestyle. It is a great action for them because it supports parents with active lifestyles. It helps active parents to make sure that their baby and kids are safe even though they have to do their latest adventure. They also tested their products extensively with the high concern on the safety standards to meet all regulations on the global market so that their business can run well in the worldwide up to now.


Phil And Teds stroller always provide you versatile design. Their stroller has four-in-one versatility to complete the needs of your changing and growing family. They have single stroller even for a newborn baby and then a single stroller for your toddler. They also work for double strollers to complete newborn baby and a toddler, while the last is the double stroller to support two toddlers.


To give you and your family high comfort as well as convenience, the inline models are completed by a lot of accessories such as hang bags, pannier bags or side bags for more cargo space, bottle and cup holders, seat liners, the Peanut bassinet, The Cocoon or the basinet or also known as the travel cot.

For the child riding, the main seat has limited weight capacity to more than 44 pounds and the child I double attachment can be more than 33 pounds to support. In case that you want to keep it as a single stroller, your child can ride it for more than 55 pounds.


Phil And Teds stroller is also designed with compact four-wheel strollers as well as six in-line tandems with various color options to allow you go with your best colors. There are many models they have been producing such as the Voyager, the Sport, the Smart, the Dot, the Verve or Vibe, the Promenade, the Classic and the Smart Lux.

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