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Princess Carriage Bed Styles

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Girls are generally fond of everything about a princess and sweet fairy tales. They have been familiar with lovely fairy tales since they’re very young. No wonder that there is a strong bond between girls and princesses. Becoming a princess becomes one of their dreams. One of the ways to make the dream comes true is to buy them a princess carriage bed. With this bed, your little girl can feel like she is a real princess riding her own carriage, just like boys enjoy sleeping in a car bed.


Princess carriage beds come in a variety of styles. For example, you can find them with a canopy. The presence of canopy makes the bed looks so elegant. Usually, a small canopy made of see-through fabric is attached to the wall or ceilings. Sometimes, it is decorated with ribbons, fake blossoms, and leaves to make it look lovelier.


Many princess carriage beds have a pink color. This color is so romantic and refreshing. Other common colors that are identical with princesses are white and purple. If your daughter is not a fan of these colors, you can pick a bed with other colors to suit her favorite.  There are lots of other soft and light colors that make the room look more sophisticated and feel relaxing.


There are dozens of shapes, sizes, and styles of carriage bed you can find on the market. They can be as simple as four-wheeled beds with a canopy top to classic coupes with large wheels pulled by a horse toy. Some of them have themed design that features popular characters like Princess Sophia, Elsa, and Anna from Frozen, Cinderella, and much more.

When using a princess carriage bed, it will be better to decorate the surroundings in a princess theme. It is not a difficult job. You can do this for example by using princess-themed wall decal, decorating with ornate accessories, and much more.

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