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Some Options of Toddler Daybed

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Daybeds for Toddlers – Buying a transition bed is a necessity when your little baby has grown up into a toddler. In this stage, he or she needs a toddler daybed, replacing their small crib. Some toddlers have a tough time when moving from a baby crib to a toddler bed. Actually, this can be easy as long as you choose the right bed which will ensure safety, comfort, and happiness. Nowadays children beds including those for toddlers are designed in a fun and creative way that can be very attractive to children. There are even convertible designed beds, allowing you to convert the bed to bigger bed so it can be used for a longer term.

dream on me deluxe convertible toddler bed with storage some options of toddler daybed

When purchasing a toddler bed, you should consider several things such as materials, designs, styles, and of course your kid’s preference. The price might be the other thing parents put in their consideration. As toddler beds are usually worn not long, except those that are convertible, you do not need to buy the expensive one.

convertible crib daybed full size bed for toddler some options of toddler daybed

You should also understand some types of toddler beds and get the right type for your little one. Learning these different types is also important to get a bed that suits your budget. All of the toddler beds are designed to be low to the ground so toddlers won’t get an injury when they fall out of the bed. However, these beds have various sizes and shapes.

dream-on-me-toddler-day-bed-with-storage some options of toddler daybed

The most standard type is wooden beds. They have a simple design, just like an open crib with side guards on both sides and a headboard. They just like conventional beds in general. They are available in several shades such as cherry, oak, and white.

If you prefer a modern style, you can opt for sleigh beds which have an elegant design. They are also made of wood. Some beds are also equipped with storage.  These storage beds are very popular nowadays. Other beds include canopy beds, characters bed, convertible beds, and cots.

kolcraft-elise-toddler-day-bed-conversion-kit-kq600-sla1 some options of toddler daybed

legacy classic kids toddler daybed and guard rail 2960-8920 from walter e. smithe some options of toddler daybed

wooden solutions toddler daybed some options of toddler daybed

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