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Teen Bunk Beds Buying Guide

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There is no doubt that bunk beds offer numerous benefits for homeowners especially for those having kids or teenagers who like to share a room. The benefits include encouraging creativity and cooperation, reducing the cost of the house, and saving space. There is a wide selection of teen bunk beds available on the market. Due to the many choices, you might get overwhelmed when shopping for a bunk bed. That is why you need a guide that can help find a great bunk bed.

purple teen bunk beds for grils teen bunk beds buying guide

The most important thing you should do before buying any teen bunk beds is measuring the available space. Measuring the height of the room is as important as measuring the floor space. For kids’ room, there should be 2 or 3 feet of space between the top bed and the ceiling so the kids won’t get any injury when jumping on the mattress.

modern minimalist teen bunk beds teen bunk beds buying guide

After you are done with the measurement that forces you to deal with the number, you need to decide what kind of bunk bed you want to buy. Do you want to buy twin on twin, twin on queen, trundle bed or twin on futon? Those are just a few styles of bunk beds concerning their size.

stair bunk beds for teens teen bunk beds buying guide

Don’t forget to choose the most durable material. Everyone has her or his own taste, tough. Most bunk beds are made of either wood or metal. Wooden material is considered as sturdier than metal. However if you look for a modern look bunk bed at a less expensive price, go for a metal bunk bed.

Lastly, decide on the features you want to have for the bunk bed. They may include the addition of storage, ladder, slide, and other features. Teens are in the age 13 to 17. In their age, they still attend schools that you may also need to consider a bunk bed with a desk.

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