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The Stylish Rebecca Minkoff Diaper Bag

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Having a baby is a big part of life. Being a mother can significantly change women’s perspective and appearance as well. Talking about appearance, mothers with newborns have limited options including the selection of the bag they carry. They need a spacious bag with many pockets and compartment. However, many diaper bags often come with kiddie-look pattern that is hardly difficult to match with the everyday outfit. Some of them look like conventional laptop bags that are far from being fashionable.

rebecca minkoff bowie baby bag the stylish rebecca minkoff diaper bag

Have you been looking for a nice fashionable diaper but ended up getting nothing? Are there any affordable designer totes that can perfectly hold bottles, diapers, and other baby essentials? Maybe you can think about Rebecca Minkoff diaper bag. Style and function are successfully combined in the design.

rebecca minkoff multi diaper bag the stylish rebecca minkoff diaper bag

The bag is mostly made of high-quality nylon. The material is chosen because it is easy to clean. You know, a diaper bag is easy to get stained and dirty. Therefore ease of cleaning is perhaps crucial for diaper bags. The bag comes in a solid color that doesn’t scream a diaper bag. Whatever you wear, the bag will be a matching companion.

rebecca minkoff diaper bag in rustic pattern the stylish rebecca minkoff diaper bag

Just like most other diaper bags, the Rebecca Minkoff bag has plenty storage inside plus some labeled pockets. In addition, there are also some pockets on the exterior to keep everything organized. The bag includes a matching changing pad. You can buy the bag for around $475.

Although the bag looks big, it does not feel heavy at all so you can carry it comfortably. The bag also features detachable shoulder straps and stroller straps, offering you some convenient carrying options. When using this bag, it is better to keep the bag full because when it is not full, it does not hold the shape well. This is not a big problem, anyway.

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rebecca minkoff marissa quilted diaper bag, black the stylish rebecca minkoff diaper bag

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