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Types of Bed Rails for Toddlers

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Bed Rail for Toddler Bed – When a toddler transitions to a toddler bed, parents are often worried about their little one will roll off the side of the bed. Falling out of bed can cause injury. Therefore, installing bed rails for toddlers is necessary. The rails will prevent them to fall out the bed and make both toddlers and their parents sleep better every night. The bed rails are removable. Sometimes, you need to remove them because leaving the kids unassisted also bring some benefits.

white wooden bed rails types of bed rails for toddlers

There are several types of toddler bed rails. The most commonly used are swing down the toddler. It is widely used because it is the easiest rail to use. For nighttime, the rail folds up, creating a secure sleeping place for your toddler while in daytime, the rail folds down so the kid can climb in and out of bed easily. However, this rail has an unattractive standard look. Another downside is the fact the rails often slide underneath the mattress.

toddler bed side rails types of bed rails for toddlers

The second type is fixed bed rails. They work similarly as swing down rails but the fixed rails cannot be folded down. There is a large gap between the bed rail and the end of the bed so toddlers can get in out of the bed through it.

kids r us two hideaway bed rails types of bed rails for toddlers

The third type is bumper bed rails that sit under bed sheets. It is very easy to install these rails. In addition, they are very portable that can be brought while traveling or having a vacation.

When buying bed rails, there are things to consider. The most important thing is to measure your bed and mattress first so the rails can be fitted perfectly. It is also important to check the base of the bed whether it has a flat top, metal frame, wooden slats, etc, because it may influence how a bed for toddler with rails is installed.

safety toddler bed rail pink types of bed rails for toddlers

kidco convertible crib bed rail mesh types of bed rails for toddlers

photo - wooden bed rails for toddlers images types of bed rails for toddlers

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