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Types of Burberry Diaper Bag

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Just like with any other fashion brands, Burberry offers many different kinds and styles of bags including diaper bags. There are many types of Burberry diaper bag you can find on the market such as tote bags, messenger bags, and backpacks. Each type has its own strengths and downsides.

burberry black patent leather supernova check coated canvas madison diaper bag types of burberry diaper bag

Let’s start with tote diaper bags as the most popular Burberry diaper bags. These are a kind of handbag with a very large size. People like to buy tote bags due to their roomy space and fashionable design. Besides, the bags offer an easy access because they have a wide opening that allows you to see clearly what are inside the bag, locate, and take out specific baby gear in no time. However, Burberry tote bags are heavy even when empty. Another drawback is that there are no designs for dads.

burberry aurelia diaper bag types of burberry diaper bag

The second type of type of Burberry bag is messenger diaper bags. They are usually slimmer than totes. The bags have a single long strap and worn over the shoulder. That is why if you put many things into the bag, there will be a chance for getting backache.

burberry classic check & leather diaper bag types of burberry diaper bag

Or, you might be interested in backpack diaper bags. Worn on the back, the bags give you free up arms so you can freely hold the baby and carry other things, even do exercising. Unlike the two former bags, the backpacks offer more options to men. But, they are not overly stylish. The disadvantage of the backpack is the difficulty of accessing the bag while it is being carried.

So, which type of bag you choose? If you are still confused, Burberry still gives you another option. It’s the convertible bag. Basically, it is a tote but it comes with a removable strap so it can be turned into a messenger bag.

burberry messenger diaper bag types of burberry diaper bag

burberry olympia large quilted diaper bag in blue navy types of burberry diaper bag

burberry quilted diaper bag _ nordstrom types of burberry diaper bag

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