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Types of Toddler Bath Tub

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Intended for 1 to 3 years young children, toddler bathtubs are designed to be lightweight, small, and portable because they are supposed to be able to be put just about anywhere. You can find numerous types of toddler bathtub on the market. They can be simple or sophisticated.

babies are us toddler bathtub seat types of toddler bath tub

Buying toddler tub should not be a daunting task as you have ever bought an infant tub before. Toddler bathtubs are more flexible. Because toddlers are already able to sit up upright, the tubs do not come with an internal sling or other features that aim to cradle the baby. As mentioned earlier, you have a lot of options. The basic type has a sloped interior so the toddler can comfortably lay back at an angle. This basic type is the least inexpensive option.

babyhood vigny toddler bath tub barrel types of toddler bath tub

Some tubs are designed to grow with the baby. These tubs are called convertible tubs. The tubs can be used for newborns and toddlers. They are often equipped with slings to secure an infant but the slings can be removed for older children.

the roger armstrong flat fold portable baby bath tub types of toddler bath tub

A tub that folds up is another type that you might be interested in. This tub is perfect for travel. However, many of these tubs are considered as less stable than the conventional ones. There are also modern tubs that are designed that look like miniature bathtubs for adults. More sophisticated tubs even include a small shower nozzle or battery-operated unit that produces bubbles.

Whichever tub you choose, the most important thing to look when shopping for a bathtub for a toddler is safety and comfort. Even when the tub is safe, parents or caregivers still have an important role in keeping the toddler safe by always keeping an eye on her at all times while in the tub. In addition, you should clean the tub after use to prevent it being slippery.

summer infant newborn to toddler foldable baby bath tub types of toddler bath tub

flexibath baby and toddler bath tub types of toddler bath tub

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