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Types of Toddler Nap Mat

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Napping Mats for Toddlers – Most parents consider a toddler nap mat as a not really important stuff. It is probably because nap mats are only worn for a few years and they are not worn frequently. Also, some people think that all nap mats are the same. This is not true. They just do not now that there is a huge selection of nap mats for toddlers available at stores. There are actually a number of brands that are a different one to another.

best nap mats for daycare, preschool and kindergarten types of toddler nap mat

Because some parents think all nap mats are similar, they buy a nap mat from a big-box store which is a bad idea. Big box store nap mats contain flame retardant that can cause some health problems from allergies to cancer. Therefore, parents should carefully choose the best nap mats for their toddler. Find only nap mats that have good quality. They are not only durable but of course comfortable.

jj cole toddler nap mat, butterfly types of toddler nap mat

Childrens nap mats fall into some types depending on their padding material, size, and blanket thickness. There are three kinds of materials used for toddlers’ nap mats; natural fibers, polyester batting, and foam. All of them are free of harmful chemicals for children. They generally have about 1 to 2 inches thickness.

personalized toddler nap mats types of toddler nap mat

Nap mats also have a wide range of size, from 42 inches to 57 inches long. The wider and longer the nap mat is, it will be more expensive. When looking for a nap mat, make sure that it fits your toddler’s height.

The other thing to consider is the thickness of the blanket. A thick blanket can keep your toddler warm thus it is pricier than the thinner ones. However, not all toddlers need a thick blanket. It depends on your local climate. If you live in hot areas, a nap mat with a thin blanket is probably more suitable for your toddler.

disney ready to be a princess sofia toddler nap mat types of toddler nap mat

baby boom mvp nap mat types of toddler nap mat

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