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UK Parents, Do Your Best Car Seats For Toddlers Meet The Law?

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Each country has different law and regulation for their citizens, includes the law that will determine your option to purchase car seats for toddlers. For UK parents, the government has set their concern on this issue. Therefore, we recommend you to spend at least your five minutes to read this before purchasing any car seats for your toddlers.


Rules To Choose the Right Toddler Car Seats in UK

  1. Kids’ age and the right type of toddler car seat

UK government has big prior that children must use a child car seat until 12 years old. Or, they can stop using it if they are more than 135cm of height.

The EU-approved child car seats are only the products with capital ‘E’ label in a circle.

Therefore, it is important to purchase a child car seat based on their height or weight.


  1. Choosing the ‘i-Size’ seats

The ‘i-Size’ seats are familiar as the height-based car seats. To obey the rule, they must be rear-facing and it must be done until your child is up to 15 months old. It means that if they are over 15 months old, they can use forward-facing car seat.

We recommend you to check the seat you are planning to purchase first so it is suitable for their height.


  1. Choosing weight-based car seats

It depends on your child’s weight when it is about choosing best toddler car seat they can use.

For example, if your child is about 0 kg to 9 kg, you must use lie-flat or lateral baby carrier, rear-facing baby seats using harness or rear-facing baby carrier.

If your child is less than 13 kg, you must use rear-facing baby carrier. The alternative is rear-facing baby seat with a harness.

For children from 9 kg to 18 kg, they must use rear or forward-facing baby seat with a harness or safety shield.

For children from 15 kg to 36 kg, they must use rear-or forward-facing toddler car seats (booster cushion or high-backed booster seat) and they must use a seat belt, safety shield or harness.

To get more detail information about car seats for toddlers’ law in UK, visit here.




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