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Wrangler Jeep Toddler Bed

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Jeep Toddler Beds for Boys – Parents today are more interested in buying their toddler convertible bed that latter can be converted into a twin bed. You can think about Wrangler jeep toddler bed for you little boy. The bed really has authentic jeep style that can accompany your kid to have a great adventure. The jeep bed is completed with trail lights that can make any kids feel like on the real roads driving their own cool vehicle.

hokku designs american pride race car twin bed wrangler jeep toddler bed

Besides, the bed has a reading light. It provides adequate lighting around the bed. The lamp is very helpful. Kids really need enough light in their sleeping area because on the bed, they are not only sleeping but also doing other things that cannot be accomplished in the dark such as drawing, coloring, etc. What is special about this reading light is that it automatically turns off. Your son does need to turn it off on his own whenever he wants to go to bed.

hokku designs off road jeep twin bed wrangler jeep toddler bed

Furthermore, the jeep door can function as a seat where adults can sit down while reading their child bedtime stories. Spending time with your kid is very crucial to build a closer relationship.

This jeep comes with plenty storage that can be used to keep your son’s belongings. The storage can be found in the spare tire and under the bed. Due to the plenty of storage, all the bedroom items can be stored neatly.

jerome youth kids fun bedroom twin bed hummer truck car style metal frame silver wrangler jeep toddler bed

As they are hidden in the storage, they won’t make the room messy and cluttered. It also means that you do not need to find a box or additional storage to be placed in the room that can make the room crowded. The room will feel spacious so the kid will enjoy it more. The good thing is that your kid can experience this fun time for many years as he grows due to the bed convertible design.

two kid playing around jeep toddler bed wrangler jeep toddler bed

twin size buggy jeep car shaped toddler bed frame wrangler jeep toddler bed

little tikes jeep wrangler toddler to twin bed wrangler jeep toddler bed

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