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Yezz Air Quinny Stroller

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Quinny Baby Stroller – Quinny is known for its wide range of products which are designed to fit the urban environment. This stroller manufacturer has been around for more than 2 decades producing and developing strollers and buggies. Quinny strollers offer functional solutions and services to deal with mobility obstacles that parents face every day. There are many kinds of strollers offered by Quinny such as the Buzz Xtra, Zapp, Yezz, and much more. They are designed for newborn to 4 years old. Each type has specific feature.

quinny stroller yezz yellow knitted lemon 2015 yezz air quinny stroller baby stroller

Yezz air is a Quinny stroller intended for relaxed travelers. Yezz air is a really lightweight and superb-comfortable stroller. It weighs only five kilograms. Your child will stay comfortable because the seat is really relaxing. It looks like a hammock that moves gently sideways through the air.

quinny yezz stroller in bold berry 2015 yezz air quinny stroller baby stroller

Meanwhile, the fabric has an open structure that allows your child relish a breeze of fresh air at nice pleasant sunny days. The open structure means the fabric has such an air ventilation. At the same time, parents also feel comfortable walking their baby with this stroller due to its special shoulder strap, lightweight and compact design, and smart folding.  It uses a 3D folding system. Using this technology, the stroller folds into a very small package and when folded, it stands on its own. You can stow it away just anywhere, even in the smallest space.

quinny yezz stroller miami pink pastel yezz air quinny stroller baby stroller

Yezz Air also has an ergonomic push bar that contributes greatly to comfortable strolling. With this feature, the push bar’s height can be adjusted to fit parents’ height. As parents can push the stroller conveniently.

Furthermore, Yezz Air Quinny stroller comes with additional accessories such as rain cover and zippered bag. The rain cover will protect your child from any raindrops or snowflakes. Walking under the rain or in snow won’t be a problem anymore. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty travel bag will protect your stroller during your travel.

quinny yezz travel stroller yezz air quinny stroller baby stroller

quinny yezz air stroller lime flow yezz air quinny stroller baby stroller

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